Monday, September 10, 2007

Chart(er)ing The Pilots

Hey other bloggers, maybe we should do a chart like the one they've done at Variety? haha... (uh, anybody know how to do a chart like that easily?)

Interesting chart. I'm most shocked that The Big Bang Theory is doing so well (I'm about to watch that, and Cavemen tonight so I guess I can weigh in tomorrow, though hopefully I won't be influenced now by knowing the general concensus (at least at Variety)), and sad that Journeyman isn't faring as high as I would have hoped (I really enjoyed it, review to come later today). And sadly, Viva Laughlin is seriously not liked very much.

Though I can't believe so many people really loved Big Shots. Then again, like I said before, my female friends I watched the pilot with LOVED it as well, while they were bored out of their minds during Dirty Sexy Money.

The one thing can be sure though, everyone seems to be LOVING Pushing Daisies. YAY! Reaper does well too and I enjoyed the pilot, but I'm still mad that they recast Nikki Reed so am holding it back from a full season pass at this point. I know. I'm a vindictive bitch aren't I?

I also think my favorite comment (scroll over to see) from the Variety reviewers is from Michael Schneider (who I think I have the most similar tastes too (save for Journeyman)), who calls Gossip Girl, "this year's mindless crack addiction".

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