Sunday, September 09, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - Game, Set, Match

QTA was nice enough to switch nights with me so I'm covering tonights episode, and QTA will cover Tuesdays episode, when I plan to become Catherine Zeta Jones' BFF (but does that mean I'll have to talk to Michael Douglas? Ew). And if that doesn't happen, I'll try to have my share of free drinks as I pretend to be someone at the Film Fest.

So, the big competition was tonight, and who was the big winner?

Roger Federer wins 3 straight sets over Novak Djokovic to take the U.S. Open. Surprise surprise. Still, Djokovic came pretty close in the first 2 and it was exciting to see the young stripper come so close to beating Federer and seeing a future star in the making (Seriously though, I think this was the first night where I HAVEN'T seen Djokovic take off his shirt, which is kind of too bad actually.)

Oh yeah, where were we? Oh right, the Big Brother house. How can I forget all the excitement in the house? tick. tick. tick. tick. tick... oh wait. It' still 60 Minutes since Federer's win has postponed Big Brother for 1/2 an hour. For a second I thought something exciting was happening in the Big Brother house. Even the cups are more interesting. (Let's play a game! What do you see?)

So the final four are left in the house, and Jameka has become my default person to root for (loved her though I'm biting my tongue everytime she prays to God. I might as well get a tongue ring at this point). There's arguments (warning: Spoilers in the commentary section) that each person left is a great game player (I've even heard the argument on Zach though I'm still not convinced), or that all four are completely underserving (I can be more easily convinced) but at this point, I'm more interested in seeing what's going on in the Jury house. (Why no clips CBS?)

HOH is extremely important this week (though Veto is even MORE important, since it really gives that person full control) and Jameka can finally play. Zach, Jameka and Daniele compete (Dick cannot play since he was just HOH), and it comes down to a tie between Daniele and Zach. They are asked an intense question, and we know this because the music gets louder and soaring and they even do a dramatic pan over the two in the yard, with the camera moving just oh, so slowly over them. Since when did Big Brother get a cinematographer?

Alas, Zach wins HOH, and if there's anytime he needed to wake from his Reaganesque slumber, now was it. Then there's basically another 15 minutes of filler and then Zach finally realises that he's the third wheel in his "alliance" with Dick and Daniele Donato (REALLY? Why have I never noticed that? How yuppie of Dick) and decides to pair up with Jameka to the finale, and as soon as Daniele gets wind of it, she runs to papa and the steam comes out of Dick's ears again.

As much as I love seeing Dick and Daniele taken down, watching Zach think he's so smart with his Machievellian ways is cringeworthy at best (but not as cringworthy as seeing him rock happy in the HOH room. Wow. Embarassing!). Zach ends up pulling out Jameka's key out, leaving Dick and Daniele on the block, and the game is ON.

And as much as Daniele annoys me, I will admit, she's been playing a good game (well, she's still around isn't she?). Will she be able to continue her Veto winning ways? Will Dick ever learn to shut the f#$k up and stop being such a dick (or does that just come with the birth certificate)? There's playing to intimidate and then there's whatever Dick does.

Sadly, the real time of the show is already way ahead of the CBS version of the show and the spoilers are already out, which I guess will be saved for Tuesday, so I'll save the rest of my ranting and raving in QTA's commentary section, and return Thursday to ModFab when we get our final 2.

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