Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reaper and Weap - Tuesday's TV Tetris Game Begins

It's Tuesday and while Gossip Girl started last week for us in Canada, tonight is when everything really starts up again with returning faves, new show Reaper, and the second episode of Gossip Girl, which is when shows REALLY get into their groove (or not) and we can determine if the shows are keepers or it's time to toss them out.

Reaper starts tonight and while I didn't love it as much as almost all the other bloggers, I didn't hate it as much as Scooter, though I have some of the same issues he does but I think I'm being nice and giving the show a few more chances. Still, I do recommend watching the pilot, because it is pretty funny and I'm a big fan of Bret Harrison who I think is hilarious and Ray Wise is just too cool/evil that he's fun to watch as The Devil.

I guess we will see how this new pilot with Missi Peregrym replacing Nikki Reed holds up. As for the rest of the night...

I thought there wasn't going to be much but I just realised Bones and House starts tonight (on Fox/Global starting at 8pm) and while I love Bones, I was going to drop House until I saw the picture below, with House looking for new ducklings. Hilarious. (Thanks Sandie for letting me steal the pic!) . Yes, Duckling #6 is Kal Penn, better known as Kumar (who went to White Castle with Harold (John Cho, who will appear in Ugly Betty but I'll save that excitement for my post on Thursday)).

I was also going to drop Boston Legal (ABC/E!CH at 9:30pm) after they dropped Julie Bowen but I'll probably see how John Laroquette does (below with the heavyweights). Boston Legal starts with a special 1.5 hour that follows the Mens night (!) on Dancing with the Stars (ABC/CTV at 8pm - 9:30pm). Plus I'm kinda excited about Beauty and the Geek (The CW/City 8pm) again after watching last weeks premiere over the weekend. And in Canada, CTV is showing new Gossip Girl at 7pm.

And to think, Pushing Daisies hasn't even started yet (on CTV in Canada on Tuesdays starting next week).

Oh, and Cane starts tonight too (CBS/Global 10pm) but I dare you to watch at that late of an hour. Considering I almost passed out watching while eating lunch at the office, I don't think the late hour will help the plodding drama.

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