Thursday, September 06, 2007

Real World: Sydney - Going Under

I meant to get through Entourage Season 4 last night but I did what I always warn against, channel flipping, and landed right back on Real World: Sydney where they showed the first 3 eps back to back. I know. Real World is so over, but it's my crutch. If I see it, I can't turn away. I figure it's a healthier addiction than heroin I guess (maybe not). I probably haven't talked about my addiction in a while, I think the last time I mentioned my love for the Real World was when I still only had 10 readers on this blog but yes, I will admit I have a problem. I love Real World and I know it must stop (it probably stemmed from the fact that we never got it in Canada for years until recently and I'm making up for lost wasted time).

Anywyas, I never last the whole season, especially now. I think the only season I've ever followed through was Hawaii and that's because I think I loved Colin and Ruthie's downfall seemed tragic to Shakespearean proportions, at least in relative terms when there are palm trees in the background.

Still, the fun part of the show is the start when the new cast meets each other and tries to figure each other out/eye who they want to sleep with and we get to figure out who is the drunk, the one with mother issues/woman issues, the racist, the stupid one, (none of the previous is necessarily independent from each other) or the one who is actually too smart for the show and wondering what the hell they are on this show for (what happened to Chris Beckman anyways)?

Oh, and don't even get me started on those cast members that come into the house swearing they won't cheat on their partners back home. The stopwatch begins as soon as they get off the plane.

So far I can tell, the guys (Dunbar (who will cheat on his gf by episode 6), Isaac (the seemingly levelheaded stud), Cohutta (the not-so-dumb redneck because he knows when to keep his mouth shut)) might actually be okay so far, or, should I say, at least there's no Tyrie. Then again, Davis seemed cool at first too but that sort of turned out to be a disaster later on.

Plus if I had to side with the war ALREADY going on between the girls Trisha (the will be boyfriend cheater/I was on a "break") and KellyAnne (the slutty drunk) vs. Parisa (the I'm way to smart for this house and tells the dumb girls that) and Shauvon (the big boobed blonde that might have a brain)(though I know, it's really Parisa vs. the silly girls really), I'll lean towards Parisa and Shauvon for now, even though I know Parisa has a chip on her shoulder. Plus Shauvon has great big knockers yet despite being the Samantha Jones of the group and sleeping with Isaac right away, seems pretty reasonably levelheaded. For now. Still, I can barely tell Shauvon and Trisha apart yet.









Scooter McGavin said...

I catched just a couple minutes of this the other day and it may have been the funniest thing I have seen all summer. I missed the actual fight, but when I turned on random frat boy number #1 was apoligizing to ditzy blond #2 for calling her a dergoitory name for a woman (I want to say slut but I can't fully remember), then continued to apoligize but saying that was his go to word when angry with a female and then said at least he stopped at that because he usually continues calling them other derogitory names and then proceeds to list them all (a good ten more) half of which are bleeped out and with every passing new name the ditzy blond #2 gets more and more upset, crying even harder. I'm not sure if token frat boy #1 was passively agressively giving the apology, drunk, or a complete moron, but I hope this guy is on the next 10 RW/RR Challenges.

Vance said...

I love that these people now can live the rest of their lives competing for RR/RW Challenge money now! Seriously, those shows and RW are CRACK.