Sunday, September 09, 2007


So the MTV:VMA's needed a huge reboot. So what do they do? Move it to Vegas and put hasbeen Britney Spears on to open? What a way to usher in a new direction MTV! Bravo (not the channel)! Just totally crib the wandering camera, awards-all-over-the-place-within-the-building thing from the Much Music Video Awards (wait, now that CTV owns City/Much Music, AND MTV Canada, how does that work?). Only, don't let the whole act finish, make sure you cut them off half way through the performances, assuming you even get video or audio feed. Now THAT'S INNOVATION and PROGRESS! I know Adam Levine is a twat but let the poor guy finish. Let's try to hear what Pete Wentz was trying to say maybe... (The Video of the performance is below)

And if there's any doubt that Britney Spears is over, that limp opening performance just cemented it. If you're going to lip sync, make sure you do it to the same song. Didn't Ashlee Simpson teach you anything? This is actually a really sad moment for me because I actually kind of wanted her to succeed (I liked "Oops I Did It Again" okay!? Got a problem with that? I even liked the slutty album, but that was before she totally reverted back to her white trash self and Federlined herself) but she just proved how influential a producers hand in producing a hit (since "Gimme More" isn't that bad) can be. That performance of hers was more cringeworthy than Zach tonight. That body was sick. And no, I'm not being colloquial. I know I'm not one to say, considering I could stand to lose another 20 lbs but I'm also not jiggling everything I have on a televised program, and something seemed very plastic about her. Yech.

Speaking of producers, why get Mark Ronson and then stick him in the corner making him the Paul Shaffer of the festivities. Doesn't he deserve better? Then again, doesn't the whole show deserve better? Who the hell is producing this show anyways? The strippers down the street?

BTW, who da' F*K is Peter, Bjorn and John?

I love the closing number songs "The Way I Are" and "LoveStoned" but what's with the green lasers? What is this? A club in 1995? Seems like the lighting design team threw every possible thing they could think of onto the stage (though I did like the lighted table. Oooh... pretty... lights... @@)

Britney Spears - gimme more
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Anonymous said...

Peter, Bjorn and John are actually awesome. You should really look into them. Besides the White Stripes, I'm pretty sure they were the only credible band mentioned this evening.

Vance said...

hmm... I must be getting old. I'm starting to lose touch.

I'll have to look into them.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that MTV was hoping the Britney performance would be a trainwreck? I mean EVERYONE is talking about it today. And look how many people tuned in "just to see Britney"... Oh the humanity!! And I am one of the few that would like to see her get herself together and be successful again. Oh well...

Vance said...

I guess MTV was in a win win situation no matter what. They didn't even have to try (and how the rest of the show was produced proved it) and they knew we would all be there to watch Brit. I'm sure they now wish they could play it over and over again (which I'm sure, they will back out of their word that it was only a one time showing).

But yes, I was hoping she could clean herself up and be the next Madonna that I had predicted 5 years ago. I need to be proven right godamnit... I do NOT make mistakes. (and not such a huge blunder as like this one too).

Unknown said...

Yeah Vance....way to go dissing Peter Bjorn and John before you even know who they are! Y'know that super-catchy song "Young Folks" with all the whistling in it -- those Swedish boys were behind it.