Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - It Takes A Blonde To Save The Day, Just Not From This Season

The season started out so promisingly. Remember the good ol' days when we listened to Nick list out his Top 5 Guys and Dustin got to boot out his Gonorrhea screaming ex Joe and Jen wore that unitard (which seems funny now) and we could all unanimously hate homophobic Kail? Remember those days? Good times good times.

Now, the best moment of our current Big Brother Season 8 was seeing Janelle from Season 6 and 7 pop up in the house to host the Veto game. Oh Janelle! Now THERE was a true Blonde fighter! That was GAMEPLAYING! Hmm... I wonder what Kaysar is up to now as well?

But first, Eric and Jessica? That loud noise you hear? Is the rest of us screaming "WE TOLD YOU SO" as they find themselves in trouble at Zach's nominations. Even more sad, Eric still doesn't see Dick and Daniele's hand in it, all while Dick, Daniele and Zach continue to plot out Jessica and Eric's eliminations. So the only way Eric or Jessica could save themselves is for Eric to win the POV, thus enforcing Zach to nominate Daniele or Dick in Jessica's place.

So dah dah dah DAH! SUPA Janelle is back to host the POV! She feels the love from the fellow faux-blondes, as well as the drool from a leery Evil Dick (shudder) while Eric makes fun of Janelle just before he realises she's actually in the house. Seriously Eric. Just Stop NOW. Haven't you done enough already? So, it's another identify-the-moving-photoshopped-faces game and Daniele wins the POV leaving her and Dick in control.

You gotta give the girl some credit. As delusioned as she may be about her life, her role as a daughter, her gameplay or her lovelife, she has gotten this far in the game by winning Veto's and switching sides and backstabbing people at the right moments.

Oooh, in the most exciting moment of the night, there's a commercial for Shoot 'Em Up and it's the first time I've seen it played on TV! Go see the movie! And yes, I'm totally shamelessly plugging it here!

Uh, so there's some infantile part where we see Eric doing America's Choice to mimic Dick but at this point, America is as big of an idiot as Eric AND Dick combined. Seriously. America STILL puts Dick as the most popular player in the polls? I hope it's his son who tampered with the polls and is voting a gazillion times.

So, Daniele chooses not to use the POV leaving the J girls on the block, which I guess is still a better move for them since they can still vote off Jessica but keep Eric in the dark about their plan to vote out Eric next for a few more days.

So tune in Thursday when ModFab sadly reports of Dick and Daniele getting their way AGAIN, while QTA will be back Sunday with the new HOH and their nominations, and uh... don't forget to watch Shoot 'Em Up this weekend! Clive Owen! Monica Belucci! Naked! (Well, he is! Albeit very briefly. STILL. GO!)

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