Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Boys - Jimmy! KEITH! Billy!

The Estates of Hoffman
110 Percent Solution
Rome, If You Want To
- Season Finale
(already? Didn't the "season" just start? Well, at least Season 2 has just been announced (2? That was part 2 of Season 1? Why do the cable networks keep doing that? What's up with that?)

JIMMY OLSEN!!! The best one too! Last week, as the gang goes suburban (or at least Bobby hilariously tries), and Evan, the botanist, gets introduced into PJ's life, played by Michael Landes, who was the best Jimmy Olsen (on the version of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) before (according to imdb), he was unceremoniously dumped because he looked too much like Dean Cain (REALLY, That was the only reason why? No drug overdose? No bad attitude? I knew I had reason to like him).

The group plays tourist in Chicago where we see Bobby get a rash from going to the beach across the towers he grew up in (I love this rich storyline), and Kenny overcomes his fear of heights in the Sears Tower (loved Kenny dropping like a Jelly).

Last night, apparently real life gets in the way, and Evan is "swamped" with work which Stephanie and the boys read as a nicer way Evan dumps PJ. Wait. I always say that too and I'm not trying to dump anybody. I'm actually swamped. Oh wait. So is Evan, and he returns in the finale with an open schedule for PJ looking for more romance. But so does Matt (Travis Schuldt, Keith on Scrubs)! And so does Thorn (Jeremy Sisto, Six Feet Under)! Oh the dilemma's. Why don't I have these dilemma's? Oh right. Cause I'm like Evan (the poker scene... ooohhh. shudder... poor guy. poor ME).

Then of course, since PJ is off to Italy with Stephanie and her boyfriend, PJ finally decides to ask someone to accompany her to Rome and we see her on the plane address him...

and that's it? Ugh, why do shows keep DOING THAT? My hopes on Evan but Matt seems more likely to have the money to upgrade PJ to First Class, and Jeremy Sisto is the most unlikely to return to the series as more of a regular (but then again, so is Travis who should be busy getting bossed around by Elliot on Scrubs).

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