Friday, September 21, 2007

Survivor: China - Kung Pow Chicken

Ah yes, the beauties of China, the ancient temples (NOT painted in lead paint, they save that for toys), Buddha (which Leslie could not bow down to because God would not understand so she cried, is this a new requirement for CBS reality shows? Crying religious freaks?), and some of the gorgeous landscapes abound (when they aren't smog covered), and Survivor sets up camp in the middle of a forest that ... looks like it could be almost anywhere in the world?

So here's who is already annoying me, and who I'm liking so far:
Who I like so far (in alphabetical order):
Aaron - he seems reasonably intelligent and looks good without his shirt on.
Dave - he seems reasonably intelligent for a former model. Seems sneaky and devious though but relatively speaking for his team, he's okay by comparison.
Denise - the lunch lady with the mullet actually seems awed by her situation and gives the underdog vibe that I like. Seems nice. You go girl!
Erik - he looks good without his shirt on. I'd say more but that's about all I got from him yesterday since he didn't seem to have any personality yet.
Frosti - I like his spunk. Wait. let me rephrase that. I like his attitude. Plus a cool Asian representin'!
James - he reminds me of Eko which is kinda cool. Strong silent type.
Peih-Gee - she's a little whiny but I think I'd be the same if I was stuck with a bunch of losers who were that lazy so I'm on her side at this point. Plus finally another Asian representin'!
Todd - the gay Mormon Flight Attendant actually seems pretty sly and clever, which was called out right away by Jean-Robert but Todd actually seems okay for now. Could be too sly and clever for his own good (Rob anybody?) but at least he has good hair, even in the middle of the forest.

Who I already despise:
Ashley - she seemed cool at first but then got all sick and whiny and ready to backstab anybody that was willing to call her on it (Peih-Gee). That's kinda weak, especially for a wrestler. Plus those boobs are just too much.
Chicken - Oh well, he's been voted off already so that saves me the trouble of requiring subtitles
Courtney - her I'm-too-cool-for-school-cause-I'm-a-New-Yorker attitude is already annoying. If you were too cool, you wouldn't have signed up for this show in the first place.
Jean-Robert - the professional poker player seems slimy and sleezy already and is overeading things WAY too much which is already kind of hilarious.
Leslie - god, why do they keep putting these religious freaks on these things, good lord.
Sherea - girl, you signed up for SURVIVOR, what did you think this was? I hope those were Manolo's you just ruined in the mud.

Who I have no opinion of because so far they were shown no personality, either by editing or by having no personality:
Amanda - seems cute but I'm still not sure who she is yet.
Jaime - see above.

So there you have it, this season, seems there's more guys that seem cool and the girls seem more annoying (and the most annoying man is already gone). Biased? Probably. But there seems like so many lazier girls this year, at least on the yellow Zhan Hu tribe. So I'm glad that Fei Long won the first immunity since I prefer that team right now. Go reds! Oh well, I won't get to see you win over the next while though since Ugly Betty and The Office starts again next week.

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