Monday, September 10, 2007

Emmy's on the Casting Couch

I was going to ignore the Emmy's this year because of more stupid nominations, but fine, at least they had the decency to award Friday Night Lights for Outstanding Casting in a Drama Series at the Creative Arts Emmy's this past weekend (the boring non-televised ones). Well DUH... YEAH. Still, too little too late now. Friday Night Lights should have SWEEPED on the MAIN night.

Anyways, at least they also gave the Casting in a Comedy to Ugly Betty, which seriously, as I look at the poster, just has a FABULOUS cast!

Elaine Stritch won for Best Guest spot on 30 Rock. Seriously. She does more with raising an eyebrow than the whole cast of According to Jim does with all their acting abilities.

Apparently in Best Choreographyk, everyone's a winner:

WADE ROBSON, Choreographer won for So You Think You Can Dance for Ramalama (Bang Bang)

MIA MICHAELS, Choreographer So You Think You Can Dance for Calling You

ROB MARSHALL, Choreographer and JOHN DELUCA, Choreographer for Tony Bennett: An American Classic

Everybody's a winner! Everybody Dance!

Oh, and "Dick in the Box" won Best Song. Now will we get to see it performed? Seriously, what is Fox complaining about? It's not even half as offensive as most of their schedule.

Seriously, there are so many awards that even though How I Met Your Mother (Best Art Direction for a Multi Camera Series), Scrubs (Best Sound Mixing for a ...), The Office (numerous) all won, so did CSI: Miami and Two and A Half Men. What a joke.

At least they were in on the joke and finally gave Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List the award for Best Reality (Non competition). That was a great show actually.

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