Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dancing Between Commercial Breaks

First of all, they are stretching the premiere week of Dancing with the Stars to three nights, so I was mistaken but CTV will be showing Gossip Girl starting in its regular time slot at 7pm tonight. As for Dancing with the Stars, how do you stretch out a goldmine? Separate the ladies from the men and have them dance on separate nights (tonight, the men and their partners dance away at 8pm on ABC and CTV), with a results show on Wednesday.

I get this show. I do. It's a hark back to the cheesy variety shows with semi-celebs potentially embarrassing themselves in silly situations. It's safe fun for the whole family. Those cheesy variety shows are huge around the world (lord knows I've been forced to watch a few Hong Kong ones in my time, and stare blankly as I flip through channels in my travels (my fave so far? Naked Italian Stripping Housewives (or something like that as it was translated). That was on basic cable. Yes, only in America does nudity get vetoed but people killing each other is gladly shown) and they were huge back in the day (can we bring back Battle of the Network Stars please? Or am I just being nostalgic because I was like, 5 when those things happened?)

Still, how So You Think You Can Dance does not do better in the ratings, I don't understand. By comparison now on DWTS, the dancing is mediocre at best, the live singing of pop songs is awkward and cringeworthy, but again, it's Jennie Garth dancing! Ola!

So from what I saw between commercial breaks of How I Met Your Mother (and I had already seen Chuck and The Big Bang Theory or else I would have been watching that), the ladies danced first on Monday night and Jennie Garth was good enough to probably be safe for a few weeks. 9021Olé!

Josie Maran was pretty stiff but Alec (above), who wavers between hunky pretty boy and greasy Euro sleeze won my heart over when he noted that Josie has a decieving body for a model, it's totally weak. Way to call out the anorexic stick (on another note, I ended up watching Janice Dickinson Model Agency or whatever it's called later in the night and loved when Janice praised the models for following her advice of looking great... by not eating for the past 4 weeks)! Still, Josie seemed cute and waiflike but I'm guessing she might be gone this week unless a man does even worse tonight.

Sabrina Bryan from the Cheetah Girls (who? yah, even I didn't really know who/what that was and I even watch The Suite Life of Zach and Cody sometimes (what's that? Oh nevermind)) totally rocked the show with her booty shaking, with a bit too much Hip Hop booty and not enough Cha-Cha but whatever. With her new partner Mark Ballas (above. Yes, she's the "star". I didn't know at first which of the two were at first). Between her shaking and his... him. I hope this couple stays for a while.

Marie Osmond was fine, and she's probably right, there are probably enough Osmonds around to keep voting her to stay. As for the rest, I didn't get a chance to watch because Heroes started.

So up tonight, the boys, including model Albert Reed and soap star (and my alma mater alum) Cameron Mathison! Oh yeah, and Wayne Newton. I guess they finally felt sorry for Edyta and paired her up with Cameron and gave the old guy to Cheryl this time.

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