Monday, September 24, 2007

Analysing the "Chart" - Pushing Daisies Yes, Cavemen No

So Scooter McGavin went one step further and averaged out the scores for our big Bloggers Cheat Sheet for the New Fall TV Season!

Just from looking at the chart (click on picture to enlarge), its obvious that Pushing Daisies is the top pick, since it received unanimous 5's straight across the board from everyone who saw the pilot. Of course, this could mean nothing, as GlowyBox Lori noted, Studio 60 rocked the pilot last year and the fizzled out, while 30 Rock and Brother & Sisters was plagued with problems but turned itself around as quickly as you can say Greg Berlanti. Meanwhile, most shows really take a few episodes, if not seasons to really get into their groove (Seinfeld, Sex and the City, Everybody Loves Raymond) but since networks don't give promising shows a chance anymore (Love Monkey), we need you to watch the good shows NOW.

Anyways, the full list of averages of all the new pilots (reviewed) are after the jump:

Here are the 22 pilots we reviewed. Funny, Life and Life is Wild tied. It's also interesting that The Big Bang Theory was either a big hit or miss with the bloggers with a very divisive response.

1. Pushing Daisies: 5.00
2. Chuck: 4.67
3. Dirty Sexy Money: 4.56
4. Reaper: 4.31
5. Gossip Girl: 3.92
6. Aliens in America: 3.75
7. Journeyman: 3.67
8. Bionic Woman: 3.54
9. Private Practice: 3.33
10. Cane: 3.20
11. Samantha Who?: 3.17
12. Sarah Connor Chronicles: 3.00
New Amsterdam: 3.00
K-Ville: 3.00
15. Life Is Wild: 2.75
Life: 2.75
17. Back to You: 2.70
18. Women's Murder Club: 2.50
Big Bang Theory: 2.50
20. Carpoolers: 2.43
21. Viva Laughlin: 2.00
Big Shots: 2.00
23. Cavemen: 1.63

(And again, the original score was based on this:

1 - Don’t waste your time unless you find ACCORDING TO JIM ‘funny’
2 - Not great but at least doesn’t offend me.
3 - Fun to watch if nothing else is on.
4 - Has potential. Worth a second look.
5 - Set your TiVo to Season’s Pass!
N/A - Haven’t watched yet.

from these blogger friends (or as Ducky put it, frenemies, oh is that why I didn't hear from you for a while? I'm wathcing you... ha): BuzzSugar, DaemonsTV, DuckyDoesTV, GiveMeMyRemote, GlowyBox, MikeyLikesTV, ScooterMcGavin, SillyPipeDreams, Seat42f, TapeWorthy, theTVaddict, TiFaux and TubeTalk)

Of course at this point, we've all built up Pushing Daisies so much it can only disappoint.

And yes, I'm really milking this chart as if we had the ultimate say or something...


Anonymous said...

Why should our chart be worth any less that other charts?

We all have different tastes (as we see on the chart) and we are the ones who actually watch these shows.

I think our chart rocks, my frenemy ;-)

Jennifer said...

Love the chart!

What I want to know, though, is how you all got to watch the pilots already? Are you all in the industry?

Oh, and I still get sad thinking about Love Monkey too =(

Liz said...

Yeah, don't bash the chart! I mean, come on, our opinions are clearly needed--Tom Shales called The Big Bang Theory the funniest new show of the season! (Yeah, I know you liked it, but come on...)

Vance said...

Maybe it's the Canadian in me... I'm so self-depreciating and fail to see... oh forget it. I should just go see Dr. Phil or something! but yes. I think our chart ROCKS!!!

Yes! Yes it does!!! (good. I need this confidence booster).

Oh and Jen, as for the pilots, not sure how the others got it, (I have a feeling some actually got sent copies. lucky bastards) personally, um... doo dee doo dee doo... actually, I got a bunch from the network that my current employment is linked to (yey! finally my job has some benefits!), the others, someone I know "found" on the www. I know. I'm in the industry. Bad me BAD.