Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - Queen of California

So what happened? I missed last nights episode but figured Daniele won Veto, took herself off the block thus forcing Zach to put up Jameka and leaving Daniele with sole control over voting Jameka off and saving her dad. Then new HOH which means unless Zach wins, he's screwed. Leaving Daniele to win next week? Was I right? (Not quite but close, and at this point, Daniele, as annoying as she may be sometimes, is the best player this year).

Go find out all the hilarious details at QTA, who was so kind to switch nights with me so that I could get these pictures of Kevin Zegers at last nights TIFF party at Casa Loma (for King of California) who showed amazing promise (and a smooth heiny) in TransAmerica (but sadly, I did not become BFF with Catherine Zeta Jones):

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