Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dancing Hunks and Rapping Geeks

Beauty and the Geek - First Elimination
Dancing with the Stars - Men's Night

Alright, I love me some geek. Like I said before. I've barely ever mentioned it before but I secretly watch almost all the episodes of Beauty and the Geek when they play on repeat here on the cable channels in Canada. Then since there was nothing really on last week, I tuned in (and finished the rest of the episode over the weekend) and I'm already looking forward to the makeover episode where the geeks turn into chic thanks to the help of the beauties. Love that episode! I think John (above with Natalie) will make the best hottie transformation. (I think Luke and Jesse are almost halfway there already, just need better haircuts, pictures below, after the jump).

So this year, they added the twist of Sam and Nicole, the male beauty (who seriously, is inadvertently hilarious) and the female geek. Except, she looks totally like the Hollywood stick a bun in her hair and glasses on an attractive actress girl to signify geekdom. Her makeover will probably be pretty easy. The fact that she speaks like half my college friends and is seems pretty smart and grounded makes her a geek... hey... wait a minute...

Okay. I know I'm a geek too (though nowhere NEAR the L.A.R.K. David is, above with Jasmine) but last week, as they tested the beauties, I too had no idea what some of those large words they had to read. Maybe I have a little beauty in myself too! (shut up)

So after the Beauties were tested on their political skills in a debate (uh, seriously, maybe I am a beauty, because I scored one of the lowest possible when I was forced to do that in high school) and Sam, the man, won after model posing during the first round, but then counter arguing a clever rebuttal against Shay, who wasn't half bad herself (at least compared to all the other girls).

The geeks had to learn to rap and perform in front of (cough) Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia. John almost won it but Will (not William, above with Jennifer) got the prize in the end.

This left Sam, Nicole, Will and Rebecca safe, and they vote for Tony (awww) and Amanda, and Natalie and John up for elimination and Tony and Amanda lose (after getting more difficult questions that even Natalie called it out during the competition). Oh well, Tony who was so adorable and cried to Amanda explaining his shyness almost made me teary... (shut up. again).

Over on Dancing with the Stars, I just missed Cameron Mathison's dance, but I caught Helio somethingoranother (the race car driver) and he was pretty good (and apparently the best man of the night). Not excellent here but again, I have So You Think You Can Dance on the brain. Still, just watching him I knew he's be safe for a while and giving Sabrina (and apparently Mel C.) and run for their bootyshaking moneymaker.

I also caught model Albert Reed's dance... and I was just as dumbfounded as the judges. I have no description except it was... weird. It wasn't bad. It wasn't really good. They knew he was hot so they knew to exploit that with his open shirt and face mugging. His steps were godawful but this is Dancing with the Stars and we grade on a curve so it wasn't the worst and still better than other "stars". Essentially, they just need to work in a strip into the routine every week and he'll carry through for a few weeks at least. It worked for Dmitry (oh I kid. he was a fantastic dancer).

Rebecca and Will

Shay and Joshua

Hollie and Josh

Jennifer and William

Jesse and Natalie

Luke and Katie

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