Monday, September 24, 2007

How I Met Your Mother - Moore Mother

Wait For It... - Season 3 Premiere

Yay! How I Met Your Mother is back for more and it's Legen... wait for it...DARY!

Robin's off in Argentina and Ted is wearing his breakup beard. Barney tries to coax Ted to join him back in singles world, but only when Robin shows up with hot latino Gael (Enrique Iglesias), does Ted get back into the game (and shaves off his beard). And back in the game he does, as he doesn't even let Barney finish his sentence before Ted is macking on new rocker chick Amy (the lovely Mandy Moore playing against character).

Soon enough, Ted finds himself in a tattoo parlour with Amy, and wakes up back in the apartment where Lily, Marshall and Barney see the butterfly tattoo Ted got above his buttocks. Oh yeah, and Ted leaves half dressed Marshall on the street with his date (it makes sense in the show), and boy, Doogie's been working out. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka together...

Where was I? Oh yeah.

Meanwhile, Lily, in love with Gael, goes on a double date with Robin and Gael , and everybody hilariously falls in love with the latin lover, including Marshall! (Aw, we love you Marshall even though Kristen Bell's Sarah Marshall doesn't... wait. That's kinda weird...)

Meanwhile, Marshall sends Barney this message. The countdown has begun! Seriously, this is Legen...wait for it and hope you're not lactose intollerant...dary!

At the end, we get an overhead glance of the "mother" with her yellow umbrella, so we can assume it isn't Amy? Too bad, I could also use more of Mandy Moore.

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