Thursday, September 27, 2007

Self Reminder For Thursdays, Don't Book Anything

I'd have the dilema of figuring out what to watch tonight on the Thursday TV Madness except I'm not home, so I miss it all. ARGH...

Seeing Cirque de Soleil (Cirque de So Laid.. haha...) with friends and this was the only date one could go so I'm missing all this TV for you! (And yes, I knew tonight was going be premiere night when I booked the tickets so it was a conscious decision at the time. See how good I am to my friends?)

Anyways, at least I can tape it all, Ugly Betty (ABC/City 8pm), The Office (1 hour long. Don't forget! at 9pm on NBC/Global), Grey's Anatomy (9pm on CTV/ABC), My Name is Earl (also 1 hour at 8pm on NBC). I'll have to skip Survivor: China (CBS/Global 8pm) this week, and at least Supernatural doesn't start up again until next week (as does 30 Rock).

I'm wondering if I should stick by ER, since I basically lost track halfway through last season (who is Neela with NOW? who is or isn't on the show anymore?)

Big Shots (ABC/CTV 10pm) was not good despite Michael Vartan being on the show.

Anyways, I won't have time to watch all this until Sunday so hope people enjoy and don't tell me the spoilers!

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