Wednesday, September 26, 2007

House - He Builds The House But Still...

Alone - Season 4 Premiere

As much as I love Hugh Laurie as House, and the fact that he IS the show, last nights episode proved that he still needs his ducklings to bounce off of. I mean that both within the show, as the character House, and as a show House.

Loved that Wilson was able to torture House by taking his guitar ransom, and that House retaliated by deleting everything on his Tivo (OH NO YOU DID ENT... That might have just gone too far). Did House also throw the remote out the window? I couldn't see it clearly.

Anyways, Cuddy is still on House's back, Wilson is still being House's best friend by playing tough love, or as much as he could try and... well... that was it. The ducklings Chase, Cameron and Foreman are MIA still, as Cuddy and Wilson try to force House into hiring new ducklings, which he seems to give into finally at the end (and ready for the next episode).

The case of the week was of a girl from a building collapse who also seemed to have every other symptom/problem around, unknowing to the girl's fiance (Conor Dubin, so good in the never aired pilot The Singles Table) and mother. Which meant her whole life was a lie to them and that she never really loved the fiance.

Only the big twist is, they had the wrong victim in the first place. More importantly, what the heck was with that whole building collapse? From the way it was first filmed, I thought it was some spoof on The Office at first.

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