Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Canadian Idol - It's Because He's Pretty Isn't It?

Top 3 Elimination - The Cut Down to the Final 2
Children of the Cornboy Jaydee Bixby is still in this to win it?

I get the whole Elvis swivel hips thing matched up with his golden boy Ambercrombie in the making looks but seriously, if it's not Elvis he's singing, he's usually pretty cringe worthy, including that opening group number where he could barely get the notes out last night. Yikes.

So poor Carly Rae Jepsen, the last girl left is out.

It's the battle of the boys again and Brian Melo better be a shoo-in to win it.

Meanwhile, the former golden boys were back to each sing a new single.

My fave Jacob Hoggard started out with his band Hedley.

Then 1st season winner Ryan Malcolm, who seriously is in need of a stylist (because godamnit, his voice is actually not bad).

Then THE golden boy Kalan Porter sings his new single. At least this golden boy has the voice behind him. I keep forgetting how much older his voice sounds compared to his looks (seriously, he doesn't look like he's aged a bit).


Anonymous said...

Vance, you must be Jacob's concubine for favouring him. I bet you have his tattoo on your behind. He is clearly your dream boy. Scoop his drool and slurp it up. I know you live for this idol of yours.

Wanna shake the idol image, then say NO. Eat your words. You are an idol baby, Jacob. Hah! The whole nation, except your concubines, switch channels. We don't want to be contaminated.

Anonymous said...

I caught the top 4 episode, and I can't believe Jaydee outlived Carly Ray (Rae?)! That kid bugs the crap out of me. Go Brian Melo!

Anonymous said...

Canadian Idol is a national embarrassment. It's hard to believe our final two are Canada's best. Channeling Simon Cowell.. "Simply Dreadful"