Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gossip Girl - Dirty Sexy Bionic Woman's Private Money

The Wild Brunch

So other than tonight's premieres of Bionic Woman (eh) (NBC/Global at 9pm), Private Practice (eh, but I'll watch anyways) (ABC/CTV at 9pm) and Dirty Sexy Money (eh, but with potential) (ABC at 10pm, on Sunday at 10pm on CTV), there is the second episode of Gossip Girl (eh, but with pretty people so I'm addicted already because I'm shameless and superficial) (The CW at 9pm) that was shown in Canada last night on CTV.

It's the morning after Serena's date with Dan (where Dan punched out Chuck for trying to rape his sister and when Serena made her big re-entrance into New York society) and the date ends after an awkward exit out of the taxi cab that ended the pilot episode. Since then, Dan's hair (Penn Badgley, above) has already grown a few centimeters overnight! I like! It lessens the Elijah Wood hobbit look (not that I don't like Wood). It's amazing what New York air can do to hair!

Serena's mom insists that Serena (above) show up for a brunch, a brunch where Blair will be. Blair gives Serena her exquisitely perfect bitch look, because Nate told her about his dalliance with Serena (the slut!). Nate is off to talk to Serena to explain something about not speaking to her (the dick!), but of course Blair walks in on them (the bitch!). Chuck is being all sleazy as usual (the whore!). Dan finds out about Blair's past and walks away (the jerk!). Or something like that. It really doesn't matter in the end since everyone will get mad at everyone before Blair and Nate make up and make out, before Serena and Dan will play coy and eventually make out (probably by the episode 4) and Chuck will make out with everyone and anyone.

Now let's enjoy the pretty pictures after the jump!:

Penn Badgley's Dan suited up for the brunch, new hair in tow.

School Ties with Chuck and Nate (Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford)

Ed Westwick's Chuck waking up.

Ed Westwick's Chuck, also with a new haircut since the night before (in the pilot)

Blair and Nate (Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford) in bed, both thinking of Serena probably.

Leighton Meester's Blair, or is it Rachel Bilson's Summer? Hard to tell

Blair and the token unidentifiable coloured people.

Chace Crawford's Nate having a bad hair day, which still looks good. No fair.

Chace Crawford's Nate's on the phone. With who? B or S? Do we even care? Just hold that look...

Chace Crawford's Nate looking blank. He must be thinking hard. Again, hold that look...

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