Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bones - The Case of the Missing Squint

The Widow's Son in the Windshield - Season 3 Premiere

What? They didn't catch the killer at the end of the episode? What's going on here? As much as I'm so over procedurals and prefer the serial series with arching storylines, I do come to Bones seeking some closure each episode, since the over arching storylines in Bones are about the personal lives on Bones, Booth and the Squints.

Well, actually, they sort of caught a killer. A human eating killer who is part of some society of cannibals, who has been killing off young people (tastier) including a violonist whose skull fell over an overpass and smashed into a car driving below. WHA??? Ew.

More importantly, Bones refuses to hire a replacement for Zack (Eric Millegan, who I didn't realise was part of the TR Knight, NPH gang) who is off in Iraq and Bones refuses to leave the lab, frustrating Booth. The lovely Angela (Michaela Conlin) must find the husband she married so blistfully and naively years ago while on vacation, so that she can officially get a divorce to marry a newly shorn Hodgins (T.J. Thyne). First of all, Michaela Conlin is GORGEOUS. Plus either her, or how she plays Angela, is so angelic that you can't help but love everything about her, even when she does marry a big black tanker of a man while on vacation and FORGET HIS NAME (well, she remembered it had a B in it! ha!). Second, T.J was always deceptively good looking, previously always hiding under that big wig of curly hair, but now with the short cut, those blue eyes are PIERCING. Hot DAMN!

Anyways, while the team is coming to a wall on furthering a case, in come ZACK!!! Shaved military head and all! Back looking to join the team (YEY! As if he were ever really going to be gone) and he of course, figures things out very quickly! YEY! ZACK'S BACK! (Though I still kinda miss the swoopy hair).

And then no real resolution as we have probably come to this years season long overarching mystery (wait. Is this Veronica Mars?)

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Anonymous said...

No offense, Bones, but I really value your immediate resolutions. You're the only show I have that gives me that!

If they have to go with a serial killer though, at least he's all Hannibal Lecter-y.