Tuesday, September 18, 2007

For Worse or For Better?

Um, this news actually shocked and saddened me. My comments after the jump.

I LOVE For Better of For Worse. LOVE IT. I grew up with it. I was always just about a year or 2 behind Michael and my sister was not far from Elizabeth, and even though the Pattersons were a white family, basically my family was the exact same (only without a dog). So this news is quite sad since the strip generally reflects her life. She won't however write it into the comics and break up John and Elly.

I guess the only upside is that this leaves her more time to continue the strip, which she was going to pull back on, doing a hybrid New and Old strips running in the newspapers (now with more New than planned), and while I don't read it daily, I still buy the anthology books every year and play catch up with the lives of the Pattersons (in fact, I just recieved and email from Amazon saying my latest order has been shipped! Woohoo!).

AfterElton did a piece (yes, that's my comment) about For Better or For Worse just recently reminding us all of Lawrence's Story, which was a brilliant piece, and brought gay issues into the realm of America through the comic pages (and awarded her a nomination for the Pullitzer Prize later that year in 1994).

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