Monday, September 17, 2007

And It Begins...

While officially the new TV season doesn't really start until next Monday, Sept. 24th, some shows are getting an early start this week before they get crushed in next week's frenzy. Prison Break, which I dropped last year after it started getting WAY ridiculous (which is saying a LOT), starts tonight at 8pm on FOX and Global, followed by K-Ville which I haven't seen yet.

Don't forget, Gossip Girl starts on CTV tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8pm, and The CW on Wednesday at 9pm. As one of the Variety critics Michael Schneider so succinctly put it, this is "this year's mindless crack addiction".

Survivor: China starts this Thursday on CBS and Global at 8pm where we can check out the crazy cast before I move onto Ugly Betty and the NBC comedy lineup the following week and before the new castaways die from lead poisoning/execution for speaking freely/revolting to the powers that be.


Anonymous said...

You know how some people joke about watching some shows with the sound off? (Mostly re: shows with pretty people and bad dialogue.) I watch Gossip Girl with the picture off, just to hear Kristen Bell's voice.

Is that so strange?

Vance said...

ha, well, not so strange since I only originally tuned in BECAUSE of Kristen Bell (but then got seduced by the pretty faces and vapid dialogue)!