Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fall Movie Preview - September

I've been meaning to finally do this post for a few weeks now but it's been busy at work and I'm lazy too but tomorrow is the first Friday of the Fall Movie season so it's now or never/late and thus pointless.

So here are the movies I'm most interested in seeing for the month of September 2007. I'm separating the fall into four posts, each detailing the releases for that month, because, there's too many to cover in one post. And as always, release dates are subject to change (or basically, let's see how well it does at the Toronto International Film Festival (which starts tonight, and yet again, I have no time to actually see anything and worse, even go to the parties this year, ACK, I even had a chance to go to Schmoozefest tomorrow but I had to turn it down. Stupid work.)).

Shoot 'Em Up (Sep. 7)

Well, I just had to shamelessly promote it one more time. Clive Owen! Naked! Monica Belucci! Almost Naked! Paul Giamatti! Not Naked!

December Boys (Sep. 14)

Daniel Radcliffe is not actually Harry Potter. This movie is him trying to prove it. Too bad without being naked. He saved that for Equus (now coming to Broadway. Don't go scrambling for tickets just yet, dates have not been confirmed. Plus, me first.).

In The Valley of Elah (Sep. 14)

I'm a little meh about this because it's a Paul Haggis film and I thought Crash was WAY OVERRATED but it's ugly Charlize Theron again and for some reason, I've actually enjoyed watching her do her ugly Charlize movies (though nothing can top her appearance on Arrested Development. THAT was BRILLIANT).

The Jane Austen Book Club (Sep. 21)

Maybe it's the combo of Hugh Dancy and Emily Blunt in this movie but I actually want to see this. The Marc Blucas photos in one of the promos doesn't hurt either, even though people thought he was the most boring thing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Having Maria Bello (The History of Violence) and Kevin Zegers (TransAmerica) sure helps too!

Sydney White (Sep. 21)

Seriously. It's got Amanda Bynes AND Matt Long (Jack & Bobby). AND Amanda Bynes. She's the Man was GENIUS I tell ya! I'm guessing it's a knock off of Snow White and with Amanda Bynes in the title role, I'm sold.

Lust, Caution (Sep. 28)

It's directed by Ang Lee. That should be enough convincing for anybody already. Add that it's NC-17, even better. Add it's a return for Lee to an Asian languaged film, even more interesting.

Feast of Love (Sep. 28)

A romantic comedy entanglement with several stories and Greg Kinear? I'm there!

Movies I Feel I Should Be Excited About But Am Not (Probably Because I've Had Enough Violence Over the Summer):
3:10 to Yuma (Sep. 7)
Eastern Promises (Sep. 14)
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (Sep. 21)
The Kingdom (Sep. 28)

Movies I'm Cautiously Waiting To Hear More About:
The Hunting Party (Sep. 14)
Across the Universe (Sep. 21)
Trade (Sep. 21)

Movies I Was A Little Excited About Until I've Heard the Slightly Negative Buzz:
The Darjeeling Limited (Sep. 29)

Link here for my picks for the Fall Movie Preview 2007 -


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